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About Us

The Center for International Engagement (CIE) was officially launched in Summer 2015 as part of the Trinity Tomorrow strategic plan. The CIE is an integral component of the University’s plan to contribute to a 21st-century liberal arts education.

The CIE’s mission is to internationalize Trinity. To do this, the CIE develops the international skills and perspectives of students, faculty, and staff by providing them with resources, support, and opportunities while at Trinity whether curricular, co-curricular, or extra-curricular. To this end, through studying, living, and working in the global community, Trinity students, faculty, and staff will become influential agents of change and be able to effectively communicate, understand, and do business with people from diverse backgrounds.
The Center for International Engagement is comprised of six units:

The faculty and staff of the CIE are committed to offering Trinity students an avant-garde international experience. Because we understand that Trinity graduates will work in a complex, highly interconnected world, we prepare our students by exposing them to a well crafted array of international opportunities. Trinity University has an incredibly diverse faculty and a strategic location at the doorstep of Latin America that allows us to integrate international experiences into every aspect of campus life.In addition to semester-long study abroad programs to locations as diverse as London or Santiago, students may also participate in Trinity's Study Abroad Programs, which are purposefully designed to incorporate the Pathways curriculum in order to seamlessly integrate campus instruction with international hands-on experiences. In such settings, our students take part in a myriad of internship opportunities that span from working for an international financial institution in Shanghai to volunteering for an immigrant shelter in Madrid. Our students also work with faculty doing research abroad in such stimulating locations as the Dominican Republic, Israel, Turkey, and Mexico. Moreover, our campus is home to ~200 international students from 48 countries that come from Australia to Zimbabwe, and they bring with them their culture, food, and unique perspective to the classroom. At Trinity, we are working very hard to prepare students to be successful in a global marketplace.